About Us

Being able to live in the most comfortable and relaxing environment while being on a holiday is a dream that a lot of people nurture. There may be times when you may have expected something out of the world and found extremely ordinary at a hotel accommodation. We at Hotel Kissan Legacy ensure that our guests are able to experience exactly what they expect. Our hotel accommodation may be considered one among the best Hotel to stay in Jodhpur Rajasthan. We have earned a name and popularity for ourselves because of the kind of efficiency and seriousness we show in our service quality.

Our enthusiasm and professionalism in treating our guests to the very best is something that we take pride in. We ensure that the hotels rooms offered to our clients are much more than just an accommodation. In pursuit of making the stay special for our clients we have ensured world class maintenance of the rooms, the availability of the best and the most exquisite furniture along with an array of amenities that is unmatched by any of our competitors. The location of the place is something that helps it earn the title of the one of the best hotels to stay in Jodhpur. This implies that our guests can not only experience the goodness of the city but may also be able to experience a unique stay!

The amenities we offer to our clients help us set a bar for standard of service as well as client expectations. We make sure that the bar is set high enough for us to remain motivated about giving you the best service. This is also evident in the kind of food quality we offer, that is unmatched by any other restaurant in Jodhpur. We not only create a host of traditional dishes for our clients but also make sure that the most lip smacking delicacies from around the world are offered to those who may like to keep their menus diversified. Your dream of eating at the best restaurant in Jodhpur may be fulfilled when you plan your stay with us at Hotel Kissan Legacy.